Industrial Table Lamp


Industrial Table Lamp

As featured in the December issue of Houstonia Mag 2015.

Takes a standard size light blub.

  • Solid brass light socket (UL Certified)
  • Solid brass fully adjustable joints
  • Solid brass base with internal iron weight
  • Sold brass arms
  • 8 feet of gray lamp wire
  • Standard North America wall plug
Measurements & Additional Info:
The two boom arm lengths are approximately 11 inches and 13 inches.

The light bulb is not included in the purchase.

International - Outside of North America:

Lamp will come with a North American wall plug but in most cases can be swapped out by you to fit whatever wall plug your country uses. The 2 wire (flex) & socket are rated for up to 240V. The socket base is a screw in E26 size.


Ships tracked through USPS within the US.
Ships tracked in a USPS flat rate box outside of the US.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery within the US and 3-4 weeks outside of US.


All sales subject to terms and conditions available at

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