Patina Scissor Boom Lamp


Antiqued Patina Scissor Lamp

Can be mounted to wall or ceiling.


This scissor extension wall lamp is made from new materials and is in perfect working order. Lamp takes a standard sized light bulb.

Because of the nature of "antiquing" the parts for this lamp, the scissor arm's patina will be slightly different each time, making each lamp unique.

  • Solid brass light socket (UL Certified)
  • Antiqued scissor arm and 8 inch boom arm
  • Dark gray lamp shade with mirrored inside finish
  • 8 feet of twist lamp wire
  • Standard North American wall plug

Lamp has three ways to adjust the light. You can angle up and down the shade, the scissor arm swings left and right and also smoothly retracts and extends away from the wall.

Measurements & More:

Lamp measures approximately 19 inches retracted to 32 inches extended with a height of about 10 inches. The shade base measures approximately 6 inches across.

The light bulb is not included in the purchase.

International - Outside of North America:

Lamp will come with a North American wall plug but in most cases can be swapped out by you to fit whatever wall plug your country uses. The 2 wire (flex) & socket are rated for up to 240V. The socket base is a screw in E26 size.


Ships tracked through USPS within the US.
Ships tracked in a USPS flat rate box outside of the US.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery within the US and 3-4 weeks outside of US.


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